KickOn – The event discovery app

No one looks back on life…
and remembers a night of sleep.
One’s company, two’s a crowd…
and 167 is a KickOn!

Come party at my party


Find KickOns near you and request an invite to join the party.


Create your own KickOn at the click of a button. Once you’ve done this you can:

  • Invite your friends
  • Review profiles of users requesting to attend your party
  • Invite who you want


Issue a unique QR code called a ‘Kicket’ (a KickOn ticket) to each person invited that can be used to verify and control attendees.

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Rating System

Earn the KickOn MVP (Most Valuable Partier) award by hosting and attending the most parties and getting the best ratings by fellow users.

Code of Conduct

KickOn is a great way to meet new people and party more often – but please make sure you read and abide by the KickOn Code of Conduct.

  • #chivalryforthemoderndayman
  • #courtesyforthemoderndaywoman




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KickOn App Showcase

Want to see what KickOn is and how it work? Watch the video and question no more!



Win an all expenses paid tour of 6 US colleges with Charles Stewart, CEO of KickOn, going from college to college throwing parties. Send an email
to register. The person with the most number of Facebook likes of the KickOn Facebook page from their friends will win!

Jobs and Student Ambassadors

  • Testimonial

    Become a KickOn Party Liaison

    We are always on the lookout for KickOn student ambassadors.

    About Become a KickOn Party Liaison

    Think of yourself as the modern day ‘Van Wilder’…

    Ultimate host, creative genius, social media leader, open minded and outgoing. You’re always up for some fun and are the first at the party and the last to leave. Unlike Mr Wilder though, you love to work hard as well as play hard.
    Being a Kickon Party Liaison is an entrepreneurial opportunity to extend your social network, gain unique experience for your future career and build a lifelong reputation amongst your peers as being the life of the party.

    If this sounds like you, drop us a line and tell us why you think you should represent KickOn at your college or university.

  • Testimonial

    Current jobs available

    Be part of the team

    About Current jobs available

    Currently there are no active job opportunities at KickOn.

    However, we are always on the look out for new talent, so feel free to contact us.

    Otherwise please check back here at a later date.

    Thank you

    KickOn Team